MSc. after 3 years gap and no work experiance it worthwhile?


I am from India and did my Masters in economics in 2004 after which I taught for a while in a college there. But in 2006 I relocated to UK due to marriage , and have been at home since then.

Now I have got admission in MSc. International Securities and Investment Banking at the Univ. of Reading.

I don’t have any visa problems .But I am not sure if , even after doing this course, after a 3 years gap and lack of any work experience …will it help me in landing a job , given the shortcoming attatched with my bio-data?

My age at present is 27 and will be 28 by the time I finish this 1 year course.The course fee is £15000…which is very high indeed…is it worth the risk in my case?

Please advise me on this .



What do you want to do - investent banking? If so your age is not a problem. What is a problem however, is what you did in your 3 year gap. If you had been studying during this time or working in relevant industries or doing internships at investment banks this would be fine… but were you? What have you been doing since you arrived in the UK? This will be the hardest thing to account for on your application forms and in interviews.

You should discuss your position with your university of reading course organisers.


ThanX R. To be honest, I think I will class my 3 years as a career break. I would love to start as an analyst in Investment banking. Due to the 3 year gap I thought it would be difficult to enter any of the graduate training or internships. If I try for Jobs then my CV may not measure up to the other applicants. I had hoped this second Masters may help with a placement but the cost seems too high.
The Uni says I will almost surely get a job but the recruitment consultans say I should get a job now !!! I am trying to get in touch with Invest banking HRDs or A specialist career adviser -but no luck yet.
Any suggestions anyone ???


They each have their own agenda.

  • Univeristies want you to study there so tell you you’ll definitely get a job.
  • Recruiters want to push you in to jobs now.

The only useful people to talk to are companies. Keep calling those HR departments. You need to talk to them. Keep us posted.


I agree- try and talk to a few of the company’s HR and see what they have to say.

To be honest, you are probably qualified enough already. I suggest you start applying and see how you do. If you get the job you want, you needn’t bother sitting another course. Equally, there’s no guarantee that the course will give you the boost you desire.

In other words, apply now, and apply for the course if you’re still not employed.