MPEC Technology - Embedded engineer


Hi Guys,

I got an interview invitation from MPEC Technology for the role of Embedded engineer. I was informed that a test mainly on basic electronics and c/c++ will be conducted. Have any one attented this one. I will be really greatful, if any one could describe the proceedures/questions for this.



Hi tom,
I am having an test with them tomorrow 9 the of aug ill inform u as soon ill get any info


Hi Vijay,

I had the test today.

They are 2 test one of basic electronics and other consists of 3 c/c++ program(they gave a laptop with IDE).

The basic electronics test contains almost 40 questions majority of them are basics:


  • truth tables of basic gates.
  • diffterent circuit symbols were given, we need to write th name like npn transistor, pchannel mosfet, varactor diode etc.
  • they gave a circuit board, we need to find the different circuits implemented in tat - this was bit tough, i done mostly with guess work :frowning: .
  • circuit analysis.

I think they have different set of question pappers , but the area they are covering is the above ones.
Hope this will help you :slight_smile:



HI tom

Even i had the test today along with you what u think of the questions given for programming they are

very tough
tough or

coming to electronics part it was easy compared to programming. I felt programming to be the toughest one.

please keep me informed if u get in notice of other job opportunity in this field



Yeah… i felt the programming was very tough… i could only do the first one, tat too partial output. the time got over, when i started with the second one, which i guess need some idea about win32 shell programming.

sure dude i ll update u ,if i got any info.




Hi tomzion did u get any reply from mark



Hi guys
I had my exam on 10th and had same questions. did any one of you header from mark, on the day of my exam he told me that he will finalize results of all the candidates by Monday but i havint heard from him…



I got the reply. Couldn’t make it :frowning: . Best of luck to you guys!!!.


hey tom
when did u got reply… I havint got any reply yet and how many answers have u attended?



Guys can you please tell me what where the programming questions.


Hi vijay

Please can you tell me what where those 3 programming question in C or C++.

your help will be more appriciated.



can you please tell me what where the programming question pleases.


guys can any one discuss the what type of programming questions it was, wheather it was C or Embedded C .

Faizal Adam


can you tell me about the programming questions please


Do you have an interview with and for questions plz forward me your email


Hi Tom

Can you tell me what were those programming question, your help would me much appriciated

Faizal Adam