Moving to UK no University


Hi, I’m considering moving to England and finding a job there and a place to stay. I don’t have any degree. My English is good, but I only have B2 certificate (can take higher tes if needed). I prefer bar staff jobs. I was wondering if someone from the UK could consult me about whether that’s even possible - if I can find a job and if it would cover my cost of living. Alternatively I don’t mind moving to different European countries, but again, I only speak English.


Are you a European citizen? If not, do you have a work permit or visa?


Yes, I’m from Czech Republic.


In that case I would imagine your chances are good - bars and restaurants here typically always need staff, and assuming you’re coming in at entry level, you’d probably get the minimum wage (something like £7.50 an hour).

Of course, Brexit is about to make life a little harder - but who knows how that is going to work out. I still think there will be a second referendum and the UK will vote to remain after all.


Ok, thanks. What do you think are my chances getting hired in a nightclub? Maybe after first working in a regular bar for a few months.


Have to say I’ve no experience of either - but as there are way more bars and pubs than nightclubs, it may be best to get experience there first (and easier to get hired too, I suspect). Good luck!