Moving to London: living on your own or sharing?




It seems to me that a lot of graduates with city jobs tend to leave on their own. It seems quite crazy to me as it is so expensive. I’ve herd of people getting jobs in the 28-32K range (which I guess give you about 1700 net a month) and still asking money to their parents because they were renting one bedroom apartments and paying about 1200-1400 pounds a month for it.


Am I missing something?

Shall I try and break down pros and cons of each option to enable some analysis? I’d really like to hear from other people




  • you are on your own (i.e. you can burp as much as you want)


  • you are on your own (i.e. no one to have a laugh with whenever you burp)
  • costs a lot, which might affect location and/or the quality of the facility itself



  • less expensive, therefore you can have a better location or a quality house
  • if you live with interesting people, it’s just great
  • you can find people who speak a certain language and practice it
  • you get to know friends of friends, who may be nice people too


  • even if you all love each other, you might still have to fight over the bathroom in the morning or complain/be told off about the washing up
  • somebody you like might eventually move out and a total arse could move instead, spoiling everything
  • in general, less freedom, the “your freedom ends where somebody else’s begin” kind of thing

Any thoughts?


City grads think they’re better off than they really are, which is why this happens… you’re right, living with others is more fun and you’ll save money which is important. Living alone is duller and more expensive, and only really of benenfit if you have a long-term girl/boy/friend you want to spend a lot of ‘alone’ time with… or if you are really clean and want to live in your own place as a consequence…

I think a 30k salary brings you in more than £1,700 net…? Isn’t it more like £2K + you CAN get a nice single bed apartment for under £1000/month.

when it comes down to it - this i spersonal preference, but it sounds like you know what you want to do already…! …any thoughts on where you want to live?


I have absolutely no clue about areas of London. I’ll ask some friends, but as of now I could end up living in a ghetto and paying insane money for it, I just don’t know.


I’d like to move with people from northern Europe. I know some Swedish and I’d like to practice the language. I really “believe” in living with the right people as I’ve had the two opposite kind of experiences and I know how bad and good they can be.

Some quality in the house is needed, too. Double glazing, good heating system and good boiler would be a must. I don’t have a problem with having a relatively small room, for example, or not having a garden.

Since I got a job in Blackfriars, I guess being in areas served by the Circle or District lines would be ideal…
Also, I was thinking of using gumtree.

Any suggestions?


On the circle line, Liverpool Street (area), Marylebone, Bayswater and Earl’s Court could all be considered,

On the District line, Wimbledon is nice, but perhaps a little far away.

Liverpool street is a really cool area, or at least the area around it (Old Street,etc) but can be expensive and a little dodgy.

Marylebone is quite expensive, but very safe for London and pretty sophisticated. Lots of european people and you’ll probably find somewhere with foreign language speakers aroudn there.

Bayswater is nice, Notting hill too (but expensive) and Earl’s court is alright.

Perhaps Marylebone is your best bet… definitely try gumtree… gumtree is a good resource for houses and rooms. I found my flat on there! …but bear in mind a lot of people use this and flats and rooms go quick, especially in Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice : )

At the moment I’m struggling trying to give a rough map position to all these names.

I did have a look on gumtree but I find it quite annoying that first they make all this fuss about North and South - London’s online community

with a specific list of locations and then one can write whatever he/she wants when writing the actual ad, whilst it would have been sensible to put a drop down menu containing all of those locations and only those, or to base everything on postcodes…