Moving to Australia to be an Accountant


I am English and I have just finished my accounting degree in the UK but I am considering moving to Australia to start an accounting graduate scheme.

I intend to apply to the Big 4 to start in September 2013, as would be the case if I were to remain in the UK. However, I have some questions regarding starting my career in Australia:

Is it possible to apply to a firm (eg Deloitte) both in the UK and Australia at the same time or must I only apply to one country?
If I qualify (in audit) in Australia would I have the CA qualification?
Will this qualification be transferable if I choose to return to the UK after the 3 years of training?

I was going to contact an accounting firm directly to see what my options would be but I am reluctant to sound uncertain about what I want to do when speaking to a potential employer. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.


Can you just apply to work in Australia like this? Are there no visa implications and what about interviews… would you fly there for these?