Moving from Audit to consulting


I am planning to join Deloitte in audit. I want to ask after the preliminary 3 years of audit, is it easy (or possible) to transfer from audit to consulting?

If you are not from Deloitte, please to still tell me your experience.

Thank you in advance.


It’s definitely possible. I’ve seen a lot of people do it. Almost everyone leaves audit (95% of people) after the 3 years. Audit is really just accounting training- it’s done by juniors with a few seniors managing them.

Consulting/transaction work is done by experienced accountants; you will find it much easier to transition into this work with an ACA under your belt.


Thank you for your reply, this gives me a positive outlook for my career.


hi i am just wondering do you have any more info on this since joining? i have a position secured for Deloitte and am thinking of doing the same thing. thanks