Moving from audit into advisory


As I always preferred consulting type of work I wonder how possible is this kind of transfer - either within one firm (I’m at EY) or into another firm. The reason I have chosen to apply for audit is that the chances to get in were a lot bigger and I didn’t want to risk much. So I will be starting in assurance and want to know your experience/opinions on this - try the advisory after 1 year of part-time in audit (I will be working part-time during my 1st year as I’m still a student)? move after completing the ACCA? Any input is welcome.


A lot of people move into Advisory after spending three years in Audit (also getting the ACA)… i know for a fact… that Deloitte allows its Audit graduates to switch to Advisory/Consulting positions after they have spent the three years in Audit… in fact, Deloitte also allows its Associates to switch locations after the three years… if positions are available. The goes for almost all the Big4.

Also, a lot of the Audit Associates move into Banking…as in Investment Banking (Advisory/Corporate Finance) after three years of Audit…


Thank you for your answer, it really cheered me up. So the chances to move from audit to advisory seem to be really high and it is a common career step, great.
Why is it specifically 3 years by the way? Because of the completion of ACA/ACCA? Is it possible to make the transfer earlier in the career and still finish ACCA within advisory department? Is the ACCA even useful/needed/relevant for advisory roles?

Sorry for a lot of questions :wink:


Thanks for your information littlelegs.
My position will be a little different from graduates as I will start as an intern and will be working part-time during my first year, which will at the same time be my last year at college. So in fact it is just an internship (although one year long) - maybe the switch will be easier upon the successful completion of my internship? - parttime audit, finish college, start fulltime advisory.
The other scenario is to complete the ACCA and try the transition after that (if I will still be interested in advisory) as you suggested.


Bump. Any other information on this topic?


Hey just came across this thread, my situation is similar, audit @ Big4, but want to switch to corp. finance. Has anyone actually done this move prior to becoming ACA qualified?


Bump! Anyone in the Big 4 willing to share their experience in the current environment?


So any luck moving into finance?