Move From M&A in Top10 but not Big4 Accountancy Firm into Investment Bank's M&A?


Would it be possible to move from M&A in Top10 but not Big4 accountancy firm into investment banks M&A?
What other exit opportunities would there exist from M&A in a Top10 firm? Treasury? Financial controller? Strategy consultant? Anything else?
Last, which is better, Transactions in accounting firms or Corporate Finance? In terms of exit opportunities and salary.


Hi there,

To try and answer your queries in sequence:

  • Yes it is possible (but very difficult/ competitive) to make that move in to an IB M&A (depending on the IB). I’ve seen a few people make this move. Do you have the CFA? It’s not mandatory but would look good to help you strengthen your CV. You may also need to utilise your networks rather than go straight through a recruiter - a lot of the larger banks specifically say “Big4 hires” when recruiting
  • There are lots of exit opportunities from M&A in a Top 10 firm. All those you have listed are possible. Also common moves are in to smaller PE firms, and research roles
  • I would say in general, Corporate Finance as it gives you a wider range of skills (and you see the deal from start to finish… this doesn’t always happen in transactions). But it does depend of what area of transaction services you are talking about. Corp Fi vs. FDD, for example, I would go for Corp Fi in terms of exit opportunities and salary.

I hope this helps! Good luck.


thanks! I also see banks mentioning Big4 experience, but would that mean M&A experience with Grant Thornton for example wouldn’t count?