Mott Macdonald Graduate Scheme 2016

Mott MacDonald
The Graduate


Hi guys,

I am in the final stage of my application where i recieved an email saying my application has been reviewed by the graduate recruitment team and is now being considered by the hiring managers. Has anyone had an interview yet? How did it go? I have applied for the 2016 Mechanical scheme. Thanks


Hi, when did you receive this message? I’m in the final stage as well, I received the same email on 21 November and haven’t heard back since then. I have applied for the 2016 Electrical Scheme.


hey, I received that email on the 20th of November. So it looks like its not just me then. Are there any other graduate schemes you have applied for?


Hi, yeah I have applied for Arup, Atkins and AECOM. I’m in the final stage of Arup as well, where my application has been forwarded to sector leaders. I have done the video interview for AECOM last week and haven’t heard back. For Atkins, I passed their online tests on 17 November and was told that a member would contact me to arrange a tele interview, however I haven’t heard back since. What others have you applied for?


I want to apply for Arup & Aecom but most of them want a masters degree, I am in my final year of mechanical engineering BEng. Are you in your final year of Masters degree? Out of the companies you have applied for, which company would you like to work for the most?


Hi, I received my rejection mail yesterday so I guess they are still in the selection phase, that’s why you both didn’t have any news yet. Would you care to tell me if you graduated ( or about to graduate) from a UK university? I want to see if me not coming from a UK university would be one of the possible reasons for my rejection.


Just apply for all of them. I don’t have master degree either. I’m in my final year of BEng. I’ve emailed the recruitment asking whether BEng degree would be accepted or not and they replied that they would consider that. Just remember to mention in your application that you plan to get a master degree later on through part time study so that you can get chatership.
And for me, my preference would be Mott MacDonald.


Hi, first I’m sorry to hear that…
And yes I’m studying in a UK university. Would you mind telling me at which stage did they send you the rejection email?


I passed the online tests and submitted the application form (questions etc.). So after that phase, the one you passed I guess. Good luck with your applications both! Ah btw I applied for the civil engineering position.


Thank you bro! So you got rejected after you submitted the application questions? You didnt recieve an email saying that the hiring managers will go through your application now?


Yes i was thinking i was just going to apply because most of the vacancies want a masters degree. Have you had any interviews or assessment centres yet for any company? And i would also like to work for Mott Macdonald. Out of the companies you have applied for, why Mott Macdonald? And which city are you wanting to work in most?


Exactly, no hiring managers for me. Last step for me was submitting the questions, and I got the rejection mail 3 days ago.


Hi. I have received the same email twice last week but no news after that. It means final interviews not started yet. Fingers crossed


I’ve applied for the 2016 Water and Environment scheme. Got an email about two weeks ago about the hiring managers so in the same boat as you. I know two of my friends didn’t get past the last stage so fingers crossed for us…


Do you think we will get invited for an interview after the graduate recruiting team has accepted us and now it’s upto the hiring managers? what do you guys think is the probability that the hiring managers will reject our application. I really want this job


I think there are chances that the hiring manager cuts down the number of applicants from there, being realistically. Still better than being rejected. I am in the same boat but I wouldn’t keep my hopes too high. I hope every one here gets a call from HR. We need to keep hunting for more jobs


Yeah you are right, i am an international student and i am really hoping this company accepts me because they sponsor international students. Most other companies don’t sponsor international students…


I am international student as well. Other companies do take international students, but Mott Macdonald’s has more graduate vacancies so more chances of international students


Just want to give you guys an update. I just received a call from HR this afternoon telling me that I got invited for an interview with one of the associate. Hope you all hear good news from them soon!


That’s great news. Congratulations. Did they ask some questions or straightaway asked for interview?