Mothercare SWOT Analysis


in need to create a SWOT Analysis of Mothercare toys against 2 competitors(mamas and papas/toys r us/maman bebe)???


What for, what job?

SWOT is a relatively straight-forward process - it’s an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Think generally about Mothercare in relation to their competitors. If you can, visit a mothercare store or two, and visit each of their competitor’s stores. If it’s just toys you need to compare, look at the range of stuff each is selling, and consider the S, W, O and T’s at each retailer. Also think specifically about certain toys and product ranges - are they on or off the mark? Is there longevity in the product range at Mothercare? What do YOU think they should do next or change, to do better? What could they do that their competitors are doing, to improve sales/turnover?



the job is for assistant merchandiser based in the head office-watford
thanks u for the msg!


See also [[merchandising]]


Hey Guys,

I have a SWOT interview coming up also but have never done one before. Do any of you guys know the best way to present one? should i just do the 4x4 box presetation and then just talk and expand?

I was told it would be a 10 min presentation and then a 20 min q&a session. Would they just want to expand on the points in the SWOT? 20mins seems a bit long.

Would really appreciate any tips


Hi Guys,

when is ur AC and have u been interviewed before by MC?

yorkshirepudding, r u doing SWOT on Toys only or for the whole MC as a business or any store of your choice?

also, having 4x4 boxes with key points and further elaboration on each is perfctly fine. also, they’d expect u to back ur swot with reasoning etc so 20 min wont b too long, considering they interview for an hour (at least).

Good luck.