Yikes! Is it similar to the assessment interview? Or is it more business acumen related? I know it’s not going to make much difference to how I prepare either way, but just would like to have some idea of what I have in store!


Hi, I have a AC with them on Tuesday.

Just wondering about the sort of questions asked in the Interview. Are these similar to the video interview? Could you use similar responses or will they ask for extra examples?

Also, the role play makes me nervous, any further guidance and tips for it?



Has anyone heard back after the final interview for the Group Wide scheme?


Can someone please clarify if at the AC they actually ask for in the interview “Why do you want to work for Morrisons?” or Why have you applied to xxxxxx grad scheme?" OR do they just ask competancy based questions only?

Any help is much appreciated!


Hello. And Bye.


Hi can anyone recommend best way to practise the online test…I know. Their numerical test have 31 questions with 12mins…but anyonewho has done the test and passed please can you share your value input
Thank you xx


Hi, I have an assessment centre coming up in January for manufacturing scheme and so will really appreciate if anyone wants to give any advice. Many thanks