Hello. I will have my phone Screen next week for Manufacturing Graduate Programme. What type of questions they usually ask? How is the interview?
Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Guys

I have applied for the Group Wide scheme and am waiting to hear if Ihave made it through to the assessment centre. Has anyone heard anything from the telephone interview round of mid April?



Hi guys,

I applied for the Supply Chain scheme. Anyone done the personality survey?


hey. did you get through Chicco75?


Hey Oukka, any news or further on the supply chain scheme/process?


Sunglasses (and transitions) are a no-no even if the sun is shining

Beards of any shape or size are also a no-no with a food related company


Anyone going to the assessment centre next week?


Hi Grads,

I have got AC in a week time for IT position.
Can anyone throw more light on the maths questions and any additional tips in regards to IT Graduate?
I am grateful to hear from someone soon.



hello everyone, has anyone heard back from any video screening tests?


Not yet …


hello, would you mind sharing what was the vid screening test like? I just got invited to do one but have no idea what it is!


Has anyone heard back yet after the assessment centre?


HI, i am going on the finance graduate assessment centre tomorrow. any tips?


I’ve been invited to an assessment centre next week, has anyone got any advice on what sort of activities they run? Or what sort of questions and situations you have to deal with?
Any advice or tips would be much appreciated as its my first assessment centre


Hi, I went on the Finance assessment centre last week and it was structured as follows:

Arrive, general welcome intro and presentation from Morrison’s
Individual interview- competency based and prior experience etc.
Individual work- analysis some possible products and deciding the best mix for Morrison’s to sell. This is then presented to an assessor. From financials and demographics.
Role Play- this is a situational assessment to see how you react to certain comments made by a ‘colleague’
Group Work: This involved some individual prep work then discussing as a group to determine the best choice to spent some money on, all the assessors were in the room watching.

I did the finance assessment centre but i don’t know what you are doing so hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi all. I am waiting to hear back about the date of my final interview for the Group Wide programme. Any advice?


Hi, yeah I’ve just had my final interview last week, have you managed to book yours in yet?


Hi Judith123 - have you heard back from your final interview yet?


I have my final interview for the Group Wide Scheme this week. Has anyone already been? Do they tell you the outcome there and then, or do you have to wait?


They do not tell you there and then, you have to wait.

Nothing worse than sitting around waiting!