Hi there,
I can see many of you went to the AC. Could you please share what the telephone interview was like?


Hey everyone.

I read these comments before I attended the assessment centre and it was such a great help knowing a wee bit in advance of what to expect.

I was lucky enough to be successful in the assessment centre and now I have a final interview in a week’s time. Has anyone been as far as this? I would be grateful for any information!!




Congrats on the AC - my site tour was quite informal I think a few questions about you and generally if you can operate in the type of environment you will be working in, generally if you get through the AC you will be fine.

Which site is your final interview at and which scheme have you applied for?




Thanks for getting back to me ayrton-senna. Your post on the assessment centre was a huge help to me. Definitely calmed my nerves for it!

I’ve applied to the Group Wide Scheme. I haven’t been told about a site tour. I’ve been told an hour long interview with one of the directors. Sounds awful! Guessing things must have changed since you went for yours. Thanks for the help anyway though! Hopefully someone else on this has been through the interview I’m going for. Worried it’s a lot more testing than the AC.


Thanks for the reassurance. Just finding it a bit daunting since I haven’t really done interviews before. The AC was the first full time one I’ve ever had lol. Really want the job as well. Especially since I’ve came so far in the process!


Your motivation and general attitude will count more than your actual answers so have some coffee be up for it and you’ll be fine lol

Let me know when you get your offer and I’ll see you around the buisness!


Had my final interview for group wide and found out I have the job!! Good luck, they are really friendly in the final interview so don’t be worried.

Key pointers:

  • give you some situational questions so make a list of key factors to think about when making decisions particularly in retail/grocery sector
  • understand Morrisons inside and out- recent news stories are useful for examples
  • know your CV and be prepared to ‘tell them a bit about yourself’
  • go into an M local if you get the chance or the Kirkstall store or both
  • prepare for some mental maths!


Thanks for that f1991!

Mine is for the Group Wide Scheme too!

Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near the Local stores! gonna visit a store of the future tomorrow though. did you not get asked anything competency based then? Who was it that interviewed you? I’ll make a list of key factors like you suggested :slight_smile: Got lots of info on Morrisons itself, like the ten for twelve, strategy, sales figures. Can’t wait for it to be over!!


Meant to say Congratulations!!!


erm i wouldnt really say competency properly but brought up a couple of things from my CV so I guess they just tailor it to you. just make sure you have the usual competency stuff covered, nothing out of the ordinary. oo another thing…make sure you know how morrisons are/will be different from competitors in terms of convenience/online.

Keep morrisons values and aims in mind throughout.


Thanks, sure I have that in my notes somewhere anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks for the insight f1991, really helpful!

I’ve just got one question, can you give an example of the type of mental maths they will be testing us on? Is it similar to the analysis exercise at the assessment centre? Do we get a pen & paper??

All help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey student 1989, how did your final interview go?


I thought the interview was fine. got asked about the my CV and factors I would take into account in setting up a new store. Messed up in the maths problem. Thought it went okay overall though, but I wasn’t good enough. Didn’t get it.


Hello ayrton-senna & others,
I have a telephone screening stage tomorrow for the Manufacturing scheme. I find all your posts and this whole thread useful(all who shared their experience), very informative. Could you please give me more info about the telephone round. What its upto and what they will ask?

Thank you,

all your help is much appreciated :slight_smile:



I hope it went well sorry I didn’t get back in time for your interview happy to share what i remember about the process if required


No problem - I know i’ve had a few folk come back to me for the long post hope it helped…

Its the same thing really there are a few directors dotted around honestly this is easier than the AC and statistically you’re odds on when compared with the AC.

My final interview was with a director of manufacturing standard stuff really you will be fine.

When you get your job I may see you at some of the networking events



Wondering if anyone has accepted a grad job with morrisons starting Sept 2012?


I have! Have you?


Hi guys

I’ve found this info helpful but can anyone tell me a bit more about their initial telephone interview, i have it tomorrow and ive been researching around but would love to feel a bit more prepared, thank you !