Morrisons Graduate Scheme - Critical Capability Test



"Video Interview that should last no more than 10 – 15 minutes. We will ask you three questions based on real life scenarios that you could come across here at Morrisons. "

Has anyone done this and can perhaps provide the questions that they were asked.


I did it and its called the critical capability test. I thought the idea of it was to really push your persuasion skills. . but yeah being confident as possible with your ideas and at times using pursiasion :slight_smile:


I’m to do mine today or tomorrow. Do you have any tips concerning the Video Interview? Is it competency-based for example? Thanks


Hi Guys,
Just about to do mine. Can I please get some clues ?


Hi I’m about to do mine as well so any advice would be much appreciated! :slight_smile: Are the situations tailored to your scheme area? Thanks!



Have you completed the Video/capability test if so can you provide any tips? thanks


Hi Guys,

Can you provide any tips if you have completed the video interview?