Morrisons 2012/2013 Marketing Graduate Scheme


Hi Everyone,

I have recently been invited to undertake a video interview for the Morrisons Marketing Graduate Scheme beginning in April 2013. I was wondering if anyone has taken the interview and could give me any pointers as to what to expect?

Thank you!


Hi, I have a video interview for Morrisons to complete this week. Was just wondering what kind of things they asked you and how you felt it went!



I actually just got my rejection this morning - but I wasn’t at all suprised as it did go pretty terribly! If you have never done a video interview before I would strongly recommend logging on to the system and doing the practice ones a few times as it is a very strange experience to talk to the webcam, with no body language to feedback off.

If I could do it again I would do the practices and make sure that I did them seriously, they wont get sent to Morrisons so I felt a bit stupid doing it, but in hindsight think they are a good idea, because otherwise you might feel (as I did) just as ridiculous when it came to the real thing.

They asked general questions like:

What do you know about Morrisons and why do you want to work for our company?

Give me a 30 second snapshot of your life (be careful if you get asked this as the time goes down really fast - for the others you get 2 minutes so this caught me slightly off-guard)

What do you understand about Marketing at Morrisons? (or equivalent if you are doing a different scheme)

I can’t exactly remember the other questions, but I think there are only 8 in total. One was something about giving an example of a time when you worked in/led a team, so having some answers prepared for competency based q’s is a good idea.

Hope this helps and good luck!


I’ve just remembered another one - Give me an example of when you experienced a set-back and how you dealt with/overcame it.


Sorry to hear that Grad. Do you think there was any particular reason why you were rejected? A second question also - what degree do you have and relevant work experience?


Any one with any more experience about this?

Also, what if I do not have a microphone, hopefully mine is built in with my laptop. I have not even checked.

Any information about the video interview would be helpful.




how did your morrisons video interview go?

Any pointers?



I’ve got an assessment centre for the Morrisons Marketing Graduate Scheme Apr 2013 and was wondering if anyone had an experience of these?




I did my video interview a few weeks ago now, and got through to the next stage of finance.

The questions posted by Grad_2012 massively helped me. I had other questions too like ‘what excites you about finance’ but it was fine.

Definitely use the practise interviews because I felt so silly at the start but then you kind of get into it and feel more confident. I got sent a list of do’s and don’ts as well so read that in relation to the actual interview style and standard.

You get 30 seconds to read each question and then 2 minutes to answer it, so best to have some standard comptetncy q’s ready.

And do lots of research on current projects Morrisons are working on as there are a few!



I just did my video interview for morrisons for finance it was so nerve racking! I also got the question ‘why should we choose you?’ but there was only 30 seconds to answer this so I added some more points at the end of the two extra minutes. Another question I got was ‘when have you shown strong leadership?’ But the questions above came up too, I only got 7 questions so wasn’t too bad.


Had my video interview a few weeks ago (the above advice was priceless), anybody heard anything regarding assessment days? Any advice for assessment days if you’ve already completed one?


How long did you guys have wait to see if you passed the video screening?



Thanks so much for the above advice :slight_smile:

I have to complete a video interview for the buying scheme by this weekend.

Has anyone had to do this one of these yet? Any tips appreciated!


they asked me most of the questions that were posted here.

Also an additional one - what excites you to work as a manufacturing operation management.


Did the manufacturing internet interview (through to centre on Jan 25th! anyone else going to be there?) Virtually all questions listed above were present (90 sec allowed time) the only addition being along the lines of ‘talk about a time that you had to convince others to do things the way you wanted them done, why was your way better?’ good luck one and all


Hi Chem Grad

How did your video interview go? Do you have any tips on how to approach it and the questions asked? I’m very nervous as not done one of these before!


Hey I have a video interview for the food technical grad scheme at morrisons and am a little anxious has anyone done this particular one? I would be really grateful, not done much food chemistry so I am concerned about them asking a specific technical question, thanks!


Hi, thanks for posting all the advice on video interviews, it was a huge help. I completed one for the buying scheme for 30th December, but still haven’t heard anything back. Was told assessment centres are at the end of jan/feb in the email. How long was it before they got back to you all ?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey @Chem_Grad I have recently applied for the buying scheme and got asked to complete a video interview and wondered what kind of questions did they ask you. Also did you start in April?


i need advise about assessment centre. i ve applied Mlocal manager. i really would like to do well. anyone been to morrisons assessment centre? pls reply with, what kind of day i can expect?