Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Anyone who had applied for IB New Analyst heard back?


No news yet !! Do you know if they send u test automatically or after reading your application…coz i received my test few days after I applied for IB 2011


@ Sumit09

I guess they send it automatically… at least this was my case… I applied on 7/10 and received the test link on the same day…


It is automatic guys. I think after 6-7 minutes of submitting your application it will comes up.



They send the test automatically after it takes like 10 minutes I guess for IBD we will hear back after the deadline just like most banks (Citi, Deutsche, GS, JP, Rothschild, and Nomura).


How many tests did you guys have to take? Was it just the numerical and one silly spot-the-error kinda thing?
This question is directed to those who applied for IBD roles.


I got the link for the tests about 2-3 days after I sent off my application. Can anyone who has done the tests tell me what they contain besides a numerical test?
I don’t want to suddenly be facing a logic test without having done any sort of practice. I’ve applied to Ops in London


hey starfall, for ops graduate scheme, you can expect to do a checking test after the numericals…the checking tests requires you to spot similarities/differences between two coulmns of data…for each row u would tick similar or different.


Hey! Has anyone applied to Prime Brokerage Industrial Placement?