Morgan Stanley Technology Phone Interview

Morgan Stanley

I am going to have a phone interview tomorrow and I was wondering what they will ask. Email just says “The interview will cover technology fundamentals and is designed to test your current technical knowledge, but also your aptitude.”. I heard from my friend that they ask loads of technological questions… any examples? Thanks in advance


Hi there, I am also scheduled to have the telephone interview next week, and was wondering about this. If you could post your questions after the interview, that would be most helpful.




Alright. It was much better than I expected. He basically went through my qualifications I put on my CV. Asked a lot about Java as I was mostly experienced in it, things like what are collections, interfaces, how you can use them and so on. Then Ask a bit about databases and ARM assembly I had some knowledge in. At the end he gave me a small task - basically I had a ladder and eggs. I could throw them on ladder steps and on some of them eggs would break and on some not. So I needed to find out on which step eggs stop breaking using least amount of eggs. Then I asked him few questions about Morgan Stanley and that’s it. So just be sure you know everything about stuff you put on your CV and you are going to be fine. Good luck!


Hey thanks for the update, so it is mostly CV based?? Any questions on Data Structures/Algorithms?? Design questions?? What about competency questions?? or stuff about Morgan Stanley and their business?? or perhaps news?? I have also applied for the the technology role in London and likely to have my telephone interview next week… the puzzle is quite interesting and I am not certain about the answer as well… looks like I will need to get a better edge to crack this interview… by the way, how long was the interview??


Ohh I just took a little time to realize that the puzzle is actually Algorithms… my bad sorry!!! Please provide your suggestions on how to handle these?? What algorithm did you suggest?? Hope you have steered your way to the assessment centre… Good Luck and Thank you!!!