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Hello everyone, I have scaled through the phone interview rouund, and I was asked to attend the assessment centre next week thursday. Does anyone have any experience with morgan stanley’s technology AC. Or if you’ve heard naything about it from previous candidates. Any useful info will be much appreciated.


AC includes: 1.Group exercise where you need to come to some conclusion given the info 2. Two technical interviews 3. One non-technical/competency interview


@ NorthernInd,

Could you share some experience about the AC for MS Technology ?


@ NorthernInd
Would you give us some more detail information about the case study and the level of questions they asked. What should we prepare.

Thank you very much in advance


Hi everyone,

I’ve got a Technology Assessment Center Day with Morgan Stanley coming up day after tomorrow.The format has been advised as 1. intro presentation about the day 2. group exercise, 3. one - competency based interview 4. two - technical interviews.

If anyone has recently attended such an assessment center, can you give some more details on what happened in each exercise especially the technical interviews and how best to prepare for it please?

Many thanks!


hi all,
To anyone who has had a technology assessment centre at Morgan Stanley, I would be very grateful if you could advise on the type/particular technical interview questions.

Also did you have to write code on the board etc. or was it a fully verbal technical interview?

Any other advice or hints regardind the AC would be very helpful.

Thank you all very much


Hey Dreamer,

How did it go? Mine is this week could you please share your experience?



Hi Everyone,

Has anyone recently done the Technology Analyst phone interview for Morgan Stanley? I need tips please, as mine is coming up next week.


guys can any one share your expereince of technical assesment centre? What technical questions were you asked?


Hello guys,

I had my technology AC on Feb 9. I d like to share my experience with u cause I myself benefit alot from this site. There are totally 3 rounds of 1:2 interview. Two technical interview questions are quite similar ranging from OO programming, SQL, concurrency, linux and simple algorithms like Fibonacci and Bubble Sort etc. The competency one is very basic no need to worry. Group discussion is much easier compared to other big banks as you only need to discuss a topic and reach some conclusion, just remember to calm down and listen and talk politely.
I found the experience quite enjoyable and all interviewers are sociable. Hope u guys find this useful in your interview.


Hi I’m gonna have my AC at Morgan Stanley (technology) this Friday. Could you give me more details about the questions you were asked during the 3 interview?

Also what the hardest questions are, if you have time…

Thank you very much


How did your interview go, was it mainly technical? Did they tell you when you will find out if you got the offer?


Hey guys, to those who have received an offer from MS for Operations: firstly, congrats; secondly, I have created a facebook group so that you can get to know your peers even before starting your initial training. This could help you find a place in your preferred location and ask questions if you have any. Feel free to join the group: