Morgan Stanley Technology- anybody who just finished the online test for Techonology?

Morgan Stanley

@ employee2010

I will take my AC on Friday. They don’t mention online tests. But I have passed my online tests in the beginning of the application.


Hi Sam,

How about your interview? I just received an interview for the Tech position, and I’m not sure what kinda questions they may ask? Thanks!


Hi Xinning
The phone interview was much easier than I expected. As it has been said by others master your CV. It you are what you said in your CV your should not have any problem. Some examples of my interview was:
How website works?
Website Security?
Relational database?
How OS work with hardware?
the question are based on the CV so do not panic if the above question are no relevant to you.

Hope this help
Good Luck


Thanks a lot Sam!


Hi Xing,
How was your telephonic interview? Can you list the questions which you were asked?



Just like Sad said, based on your CV. For me, they asked questions about OOP and SQL. like encapsulate, inheritance…
not that hard.


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone recently done the Technology Analyst phone interview for Morgan Stanley? I need tips please, as mine is coming up next week.