Morgan Stanley Sales & Trading Assessment Centre

Morgan Stanley

I’m attending an assessment centre with Morgan Stanley on Thursday for a Sales&Trading internship. 3 interviews, group ex, presentation and numerical test.

I’m unsure of the format of the 3 interviews, could anyone enlighten me on what type of interviews they are? What kind of questions should I expect?

Also, whats are the group ex and presentation like, if anyone has experience?

Any general advice for the day?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Cmon guys, surely someone?


i submitted my online applicaton ages ago - haven’t heard back from them for ages!!!


They’ve been giving out offers!


Does anyone hae an AC schedule any time soon or are they done with recruitment?


Hi guys,

I applied for 2 roles (Ops and Finance ) _ grad roles at MS and was invited to do online tests. They said in the email that there may be numerical, verbal, logical and numerical check tests, depending on what programme I applied. I really want to know which online tests I would have to do for each of these divisions and really need to prepare for them. I can’t see which one I would have to do before I click on the link to do the actual tests. Could anyone please kindly let me know?

Also, if there is more than one test. Do you have to pass the 1st test before being processed to the second test?

Thank you very much in advance.