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Morgan Stanley

Hi people,
i just done an AC with Morgan Stanley last Wednesday, and was told they would give me some sort of indication the next day… however, have not heard anything since then…
have you guys had the similar experience before?
I dont want to keep calling them during this holiday season, but i dont like this waiting…
cheers and have a nice xmas and new year!


Hi mate, in my experience this is most likely a rejection… however, it could be just that they are very busy and all, holidays etc. Many of these firms never bother to even reject you… just “mute” after AC or whatever. I wouldn’t call for now, just wait and see… I still hope it’s good news for you.


hey thanks fiksi!
but i know that one of the people got rejected one day after the AC (and i didnt hear anything)… does that mean for me at least it is not a rejection?
yet, again, i know if they really want you, they will call you within the golden 48 hours…
:wink: maybe i should just stop worrying… there is nothing i can change right now anyways… hah:)


you’re on hold mate until other sign and return their contracts or until they do at least one more AC to see if they can get better people than you.
In the latter case, the chances of getting in are slim but it’s not impossible.
Good Luck


thanks Wisdom!
i felt i did my best on the day, and if that wasnt enough to get me an offer, then the only thing i can do probably is to improve myself further…
have new year :slight_smile:


Hi again,
what Wisdom says is also possible… but I won’t speculate. Some firms will never respond at all, some will put you on reserve list as said… but you can’t know this for sure. I would say if you weren’t offered a place right away, chances are not great. I would not call them, just wait and hope.

As for your performance, banks are hiring very little nowadays, and more people than ever apply. You have to be aware that AC performance can be subjective… in some ways.
Even if you are the best there is, passing every ac is not certain. There are many factors here, sometimes you have to be lucky.

I think if you keep going forward, eventually you will get something :slight_smile:


Still waiting here too…it’s been 20 days since the AC


Is it normal to do that long? I had the AC in mid December and even though it was near Christmas it still shouldn’t take that long to either reject me or give me an offer.

Hope I learn more by end of week, fingers crossed!!

Anyone else heard back from the 19th December AC?


Like I said before guys, you might not hear at all… most likely you either failed and they can’t be bothered with you, or you are on some sort of reserve list, but chances are not great.


I talked to someone who got an offer 2 days ago and his AC was on 19/12 as well. So it seems that whatever it is that’s holding them will be sorted out soon.

Offer or not, it’s still quite a while not to hear back. It;s highly unlikely that MS will not get back to you after an AC.