Morgan Stanley- Phone Interview

Morgan Stanley


I have a phone interview with Morgan Stanley and I was wondering what sort of questions they will ask. They mentioned that the interview will cover technology fundamentals and is designed to test your current technical knowledge but also your aptitude. Really would appreciate anyone’s help regarding the topics they mentioned.

Thanking you in advance



Hi Guys,

What’s the best way to prepare for the psychometric/numerical & verbal/logical reasoning tests? I’ve a lot of tests to do in the next few weeks’!

Thanks for your help and all the best to everyone!



Hi Andrew
Have you done your interview? if yes, would you share some tips and points with us. I have mine next week and I am really confused about the preparation. I have applied for Technology also.


Hi could you please talk a little bit about the phone interview you had? Many thanks!


have a look on this post


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could share their Morgan Stanley phone interview experience including any questions they asked and tips, as I have mine very shortly(Technology).

Thank you all very much