Morgan Stanley Operations Glasgow Feb 2013 intake

Morgan Stanley

Hi everyone!!!

Has anyone heard anything for MS yet? I applied fairly late- mid to late June- and don’t know if they’ve given out all the places yet :confused:
It might sound crazy, but I love the scottish weather- the cold, the rain and more rain- british weather at its BEST :slight_smile:


What stage are you at?


I’m so glad to hear from someone! I haven’t heard from them since I submitted my application, 2 weeks ago, starting to feel a little hopeless now… :confused:
How are you getting on with them?
All the best xxx


Hey rice_ball_89!

I sat my online tests around 10 days ago and not heard anything back yet either :frowning: Hope this doesn’t mean that I have failed the tests! How did you find them?


Hi me123456!!!

Great to hear from you!! I thought it was quite standard to be honest, but having said that, I don’t usually do very well in those tests :confused:
I’m just really scared to log into my email and see a ‘you have been unsuccessful’… :frowning:


I’m sure you’ll do ok - think positive! Do you think if we pass they will test us on these tests again at the assessment centre? Btw do you have any previous financial experience?


Positive thinking- check, feeling slightly hopeless- check check lol we shall see :wink:

I’m fairly sure they will to be honest, it is MS, but I do know a friend this year who had some ‘help’ with his online assessment for a grad position with an online retailer, who didn’t do a check at the AC- I think it’s because they were slightly short of candidates, they had to recruit twice this year and he ended up with an offer back in February… but obviously banks are never short of candidates.

I don’t had ANY internships if that’s what you mean to ask, I just have ALOT of roles of responsibilities in Uni, I was uni happy LOL xx


Still no feedback from them? haha we shall see what happens. Feeling a bit anxious though :frowning:

I have had no previous internships either so not sure if that will go against me! It says no experience needed and all you need is a 2.1 so I dunno what will happen to me! lol xx


God has smiled on me, I’ve got a telephone interview with them!!!
I’M BEYOND HAPPY!!! Seriously, even if I don’t get through, I’d be happy that they gave me a chance!!!
The lady on the phone was super nice and had a great sense of humour, as expected from MS, salary is confidential- this I was really happy to hear, I really hate it when people compare salaries. Their 1st AC is on the 23rd, so still plenty more to come I’m sure, but I’m just trying to prepare as well as I can for my phone interview.
Wouldn’t it be great to meet eachother at the AC? That would be fantastic!!


wow congrats on ur interview :smiley: ! When did you apply? I really hope they give me a telephone interview at least so I can experience it. Whens ur telephone interview? 23rd? thats not too far! Did she say anything on how to prepare for the the telephone interview and what sort of questions would be asked? If we met at the assessment centre that would be awesome - its good to know someone already! But I wont get ahead of myself - I’ll just wait n see if they give me an interview :frowning: xx


I’ve inboxed you :))


Has anyone heard anything as to the AC on the 23rd? I had my interview a week ago and has heard nothing yet, not that it went well, but would still like an answer, things are SO quiet in comparison to last year’s recruitment cycle… :confused:


Hey riceball, you still not heard anything yet? I’ve not had my telephone interview yet! :frowning: no one has been in touch. Did you contact them to find out the result?


nope, nothing :frowning: even last year’s candidates were more active on here… I’m deliberating on whether or not I should, but then again, 2 weekdays to go until the AC, might aswell wait it out… pretty hopeless, I mean, they usually give you minimum of a week’s notice for ACs…


it is quite strange…


and on top of that, they usually do ACs and everything BEFORE the deadline for their programmes, not a month after, their ‘first come first serve’ rule… they’re so strange for this feb 2013, maybe they’re having difficulties deicding on the numbers…


Very strange, I havent even heard back from my test results yet! Dunno whats going on :frowning:


ac coming up next monday. i know that many candidates are reading this post and i wanna wish good luck to everybody. and most importanly, dont be a jerk in the group game plz, we are assessed against competencies not other candidates.


hey marvinforgothis,

when did you have your phone interview? when did you get the invite for the AC?


See you there Marvin and best of luck to you and everyone else as well. Rice-Ball, i was told i was invited on the 13th.