Morgan Stanley Operations Feb 2013 on hold?

Morgan Stanley


Is anyone still waiting to hear back from Morgan Stanley in Glasgow for the Operations Feb 2013 intake? I had my assessment centre in August and I have been informed that my application is on hold until further notice as they are reviewing their numbers. Does anyone know what’s going on? I have no idea how long more I could be waiting…anyone in the same situation or similar situation??



Same here. no news from MS since the assessment centre. one person I knew from the assessment centre got an offer already. I am thinking there might be a rejection for me in the end. =,(


When was ur assessment centre? Why keep us on hold if they want to reject us though?



I just submitted the online numerical test for MS but haven’t got any reply. I applied for the off-cycle internship in London, sales & trading area.


Mine was on 14th August. I have no idea how long more should I wait. Can I ask do you require visa sponsorship from them to be able to take the post?


Hi dilo88,

I have just submitted my test as well) have you already received any news about your test??


Hey chuchi, no news at all. They are reviewing the applications. I’ll tell in this forum if I have any news. Good luck!


Thanks a lot dilo88! I 'll do the same! Fingers crossed for our applications:)


Hey me123456, I tried to contact the HR today. Did you receive anything from them last week?


Hi Bbjjll2012, no I havent heard anything yet. What is going on? Why keep us hanging, its so cruel. Did they get back to you?


i had my phone interview on friday and still havent heard anything back. how long to hear back normally?


Same here, Interview on friday no reply yet, did you receive your reply already?


Hello Eroandres1984,

RE to your telephone interview, was it a surprise one? They call me last Fri but I was at work so did not take the call. I was left a voice mail saying they wanted me to call back to discuss my motivations for applying to Ms and my knowledge of the operations function. I thought that was well odd…it is common practice to give candidates at least a couple of days to get some prep done. Did you get to book a phone interview or was just randomly rang?

Thank you and best of luck. I hope you got through the phone stage.


Those of you who were on hold…did anyone receive an offer?


I had a first phone interview with HR and was a call and they just asked me if it was ok to ask me a few questions and I said Yes, then they called me a second time to schedule an interview with an operations manager, now I’m waiting to see if I get to the Assesment center day crossing my fingers!


By the way does any of you know when is the Assesment Center day? I know it’s one monday in November but I m not sure which one…


thanks euroandres1984.
Can I just ask you to be a little more specific about the type of questions you had in your first ‘chat’. I might have them calling me tomorrow and really do not want to mess it up. Would much rather have at least a days worth of prep so can maximize my chances but hey!

My HR contact said it should take 10 mins. Why do they want to catch you off guard like that? Is this chat even part of the assessment or is it just to talk a little and arrange an actual interview?

Thanks for sharing your experience


They really didn’t ask for anything trascendental,mainly your motivations for applying in operations and your expectations! Just be relaxed and you ll be fine. The second interview was more specific,but it seems that I’m the only one who had a second phone interview because nobody else talks about it.