Morgan Stanley Operations Analyst telephone interview

Morgan Stanley

I have a phone interview with Morgan Stanley coming up. I’ve applied for the Operations Analyst graduate program. Can someone please help me out with the kind of questions I might expect? It’s supposed to be a competency based interview, but the Morgan Stanley website doesn’t list their competencies.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


Hello lara.cameron7

I reckon you have had your telephone now. How was it? Did you apply for the London or Glasgow position and were you invited to the AC after your telephone interview?


^^ Yeah, nobody answered her question to help her out when she needed it but now that it’s over everyone wants her to share her experience and offer advice.


Accepted an offer for operations in glasgow. For telephone interview the questions are pretty standard competency based, looking for you to answer with STAR method. Mine was about teamwork, working under pressure, showing initiative, client orientation then some questions about why Morgan Stanley- best to have a question or two to ask the interviewer as well. The assessment center is also pretty standard, three activities -two competency based interviews and a group task which we had to prepare for. Just make sure you’ve read up on the competencies and practiced your examples- they question further about scenarios. Again prepare lots of questions to ask after the interviews and you should be fine.


Hey guys, to those who have received an offer from MS for Operations: firstly, congrats; secondly, I have created a facebook group so that you can get to know your peers even before starting your initial training. This could help you find a place in your preferred location and ask questions if you have any. Feel free to join the group: