Morgan Stanley Operations 2014 intake

Morgan Stanley


Any information and feedback on any recruitment stage for operations division at Morgan Stanley - London/Glasgow are welcome. Cheers !!!


Hi guys, have just given the online test for ops…fingers crossed !!! Let gather up and share our progress, cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, I just applied for Morgan Stanley’s Operations Open Day in Glasgow, i havent heard from them but they would get back to me hopefully by 30th if i get it…How’s the test? mohitvk?


@invincible48 - The tests were standard, moderate difficulty, it consisted of numerical (20q in 20 min), Verbal ( 24q in 18mins) and checking ( 32transactions in 2mins). These are for operations, not sure about other divisions. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Well i’ll definitely contact you if i make it through to the tests…Just wondering, is it a graduate role or an industrial placement you’re applying to? Thanks!


Its a graduate role. :slight_smile:


is anyone waiting to attend the assessment centre? been waiting for about two weeks and still haven’t received any email regarding the date for the AC!


@Leorocknroll :Congratulations for making through upto ac. How long did u had to wait after the online test round? I have been waiting for over a week now.


hi @Mohitvk2000, i think i waited for about 2 weeks until I got a call from HR inviting me for telephone interview! :slight_smile:


I was halfway doing my Verbal Test when i was cut off. I tried to go back to the link but it just says i’ve completed all the tests (which i have not cos by right i have one more to be taken). Tried contacting them but i have not gotten a reply so far. And today is Friday, and they will be likely to reply only on UK business hours. Any ideas?


Hey Ayurocknroll, congrats on making it to the AC! I have a telephone interview for MS Ops. Could you please share your experience with us? If possible, the questions too.



Ayurocknroll, i did the psychometric tests, they never replied or anything for about a week now…does this mean i failed the tests??


@invincible48 - they usually take 2 weeks to reply, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.


It took them about 3 weeks to respond to my application.


Hey guys! Thanks so much. Im going to have a phone interview shortly …Mind giving me some tips on what to expect?


Hey guys, to those who have received an offer from MS: firstly, congrats; secondly, I have created a facebook group so that you can get to know your peers even before starting your initial training. This could help you find a place in your preferred location and ask questions if you have any. Feel free to join the group:


Has anyone gone through or is currently going through the background check following an offer from MS? I was wondering whether this will be done automatically or if I’ll have to fill in a form. MS asked me for some information over the phone but I am yet to be contacted by the screening agency. How was your experience? Was it smooth and straightforward?


Justine, I was told that the background check will commence roughly 3 months prior to our start date. Are you on the Feb 14 intake?

I will not be done automatically. When you received your offer letter + other docs, you would have received a set of 2 papers with the background check info. I could be wrong so best option would be to call MS to get their advice. Good luck :slight_smile:


It will not be done*


Hi Justine-L and Whyme. Congrats on being offered a position. Could you please tell me if you had to go through two telephone interviews? If so do you mind telling me (even very briefly) the difference between the two, and how long did you wait to be invited to the AC?

Thank you guys and good luck in your new job.