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Morgan Stanley

Hi guys,

I have applied for MS’s IBD analyst programme. Just finished the online test - and I was only required to do the numerical test, which seems a bit odd as I have seen people in the forum have also taken logical/numerical checking (though different programmes may have different requirements). I am wondering whether any of you have also applied for IBD and only took numerical test??

Many thanks for your reply.


its only numerical


Provided by Kenexa (PSL), pretty easy compared to others.


Thanks guys for your reply. How are your applications going? Any news from them?


Hey, I gave the numerical test as well like 3-4 weeks ago for the IBD analyst position. No news yet! Has anyone heard back further from that stage?


No not heard anything but I think they only start reviewing after the deadline…maybe someone can verify that?


I heard they have already filled their IBD analyst positions for the next year.