Morgan Stanley Investment Banking

Morgan Stanley

Does anyone know at what stage Morgan Stanley Investment Banking division is in the London recruitment?

Has the IBD been holding first round interviews yet? Or, perhaps, the process is done?


I’m still waiting too, absolutely no news yet, but i have already started to take it as a rejection :slight_smile:


its kind of strange how no one seems to have heard back for IBD at MS…i think they have filled the places with interns from last year and are just mucking about with applicants. Considering it as a rejection too… :frowning:


I got an invite to do online test for MS IB. Does anyone know which test it might be? the email says it might may include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and numerical checking, but the type of test depends on which division you apply for. Does anyone have an experience in that? I would like to know which test it/they will be so I can focus on practicing those.


i did one for ibd, and it was numerical anyways! I thought it was quite tough. There was also a Spot the difference type question, but I have to admit I could be mistaking it with another bank, but definately got stumped a bit on the numerical test!

are you applying ibd?