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Morgan Stanley

Hi everyone,
first of all thanks for all the precious information I’ve found on this website. A couple of weeks ago I had a phone interrview with Morgan Stanley for the Equity research summer internship, but I’ve not heard back from them.
Shall I assume I’ve been rejected or “no news is good news”? Thank you very much for your help

PS: if anyone wants more detail about the interview, feel free to ask


Hi, I have recently been invited for an interview for the summer analyst role in Sales and Trading. However, it is not telephone based, but rather 2 face-to-face intereviews that would last 30mins each at their office, which is really strange?
Would greatly appreciate if you share some thoughts about your interview, AlessioG ? many thanks,


Hi Alesio,
Have you received any reply form MS after the telephone interview? I also did one for them before a couple of weeks, but no result yet…


Guys have you all heard back and how long did it finally take?
Had a first round more than a month ago and still no reply. Sent an email no response. A friend of mine got AC invite five weeks after first round so I’m keeping my fingers crossed but this is for another division. Another friend emailed them and they said they haven’t planned the next AC yet so will email everyone with response when they got the next date.


It’s a very tough year, people… In my experience no reply for too long means you’re out.
Often, these banks don’t even bother saying anything… sometimes even after AC, you hear nothing.

Spread your apps wide, consider all jobs, because it won’t be easy.