Morgan stanley IBD full-time scheme

Morgan Stanley

hey guys,

is there anyone who applied for IBD full-time at morgan stanley and heard something back?

any idea what’s the 2010 intake and when will we get to hear from them?

gosh, my app status says “application received” and i applied on 4th october. i guess, chances are dim for me…
good luck!


Hi Hazelground,

I applied too and have heard nothing…I noticed they have taken the role off the portal so they must have enough applicants. Mine shows “application received” too…


this “application received” sounds scary indeed…they should be organising ACs soon, and that means they have not even looked at us yet (SIGH…)


Hey hazelground,

I know how you feel. Sometimes, I just wanna slap an HR person.




SAME here!!! LOL!!!

somehow i really have a bad feeling about morgan stanley…they rejected me last year after making me wait for about 4 months

not great!


Hey hazelground,

Really? That is totally messed up.

Let’s start a bank without an HR department.

If our employees need to know what kind of pension the company offers, come and talk to us or Wikipedia it. Hehe.

Good luck with your applications!