Morgan Stanley - IB - Analyst

Morgan Stanley

Has anyone heard back after the test submission?



I completed my tests on 28th Oct…till now no response.


Have you heard back yet? I completed my tests the 11th Nov and still no feedback…


AAh i forgot to mention that I e-mailed them in January asking about an update and they said that they were unable to provide any, but that my application is still being considered and I will hear back in due course. Is that good or bad?


Elik, they told me the same thing as well but I have not heard anything since. Has anyone else heard any news? Anyone done AC for IB Grad scheme?


By the way, has anyone fount a way of tracking their applications? Some have mentioned that there is no link (which I have not seen myself). That is so strange for such a reputable bank not to have such a facility whilst all others have!!