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Morgan Stanley

Having had a look on the forum, and not finding much, I was wondering if anyone who has a recent experience of this full-time programme in glasgow would be kind enough to share their experience of the telephone interview and assessment center? Any contribution will be greatly appreciated…



Did you already have this telephonic interview? I have it in few days? Can you please tell me what was asked to you on phone and how long it was. anything to prepare?


even i want to know? i have telephone interview for this program comming thursday


Hey, I have a telephone interview for this programme on thursday aswell.

Does anyone know where I can find details of the programe? Been looking all over the website but struggling to find details.

Any help would be appreciated.



we all have interviews on the same day! I think we are only lucky ones to be shortlisted.
Even I could not find any information please share as soon as you get interviewed. Where are you from I am from Pakistan


I’ve got mine on thursday as well! There’s an absolute paucity of information regarding this programme, but hopefully it doesn’t prove to be too much of a problem! Good luck!


Anyone got any phone call or email on updates about interview? I got an email that I will recieved a call tomorow to discuss about interview



how did it go? what was asked to you? any updates? Are confirming next round anytime soon?


Hey, I was wondering if you guys have had a response regarding your phone interviews?


No not yet. Did you hear back?


I got an email REJECTION! :frowning:

good luck to you people!