Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre

Morgan Stanley

hey guys, does anyone has any ideas about the assessment centre at Morgan Stanley…

they say they have 2 interviews and a group exercise…

can anyone provide ant additional or specific details to it…

that would be great…

thanks guys!!

best luck!!


Hey Hardrock is this for a grad position if so, what division?


yea… Operations


Hey hardrock, I just recently got invited to MS assessment center. I also applied for operations. Do you know what to expect? I’m starting to really stress out. I can’t find anything online on this…any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


How did you guys get on? I can’t find anything online about this either.



I am just wondering anyone remember roughly what the topic was for group discussion? So I get a sense of direction what it is?



Hey guys,
I have been searching for a long time but really really seldom can be found for AC in Glasgow.
I also wonder what could be the topic about for group exercise. Anything one knows anything or remember anything?



Hi everyone!
Got invited to Glasgow for an AC in Finance. Anyone has experiences and would like to share???

Have a good weekend!!


Hey Guys,

How much do think the salary is at MS Operation in Glasgow ? Cheers


Do you have an offer?


Finance is around £22-24k. Would be very surprised if operations was more than £18k.


Hello, guys

I have an AC for MS operations intern next week, wonder what interview questions it will be like and is there any presentation?

Thank you for advices!



Has anybody heard anything about the next ACs? MS wanted to call, havent done so yet…


Has anybody heard anything about the next ACs? MS wanted to call, havent done so yet…


Operations AC tomorrow


Hi, I got invited for an AC in Finance in Singapore this Wed… Have u done ur AC already? How was the group exercise like? Will I need specific knowledge on finance?
Thanks for your help!