Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre?

Morgan Stanley

anyone got one? anyone know what to expect? couldnt find much on here about it. cheers


hey cheese, i’ve got MS AC coming this saturday.
wonder anyone here to share experience?


yeh same ive got one this sat also. have they replied to you about the details for it yet?


do you guys want to meet on friday night / saturday morning and talk about the group exercise?


got the email today yeh. im going to be getting to london on saturday morning, i guess we could meet before the 12.15 yeh. does anyone know what it is about?


Hello everybody,

I’ve got Morgan Stanley AC coming saturday too.
They sent a mail to me this afternoon but i have no details yet. Can you tell me more about it? Do you know what to expect ? (what kind of tests and interviews?)



i was told on the phone that we’ll have 2 usual competency-based interviews (teamwork, communication, etc…) and a group exercise where they’ll assess your interpersonal skills, etc… It’s just a 4-hours AC so i don’t think we’ll have anything else…


any answers?


yeh finance people have started receiving their offers. people who i know on ops havent heard anything yet.


Hey Guys,

How was the AC at MS?
Any of you is having an AC next friday ? (February, 6th)
Let me know