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Morgan Stanley


Hey everyone! I wanted to hopefully help some people out here by layout out what happened throughout the whole application process for Morgan Stanley I went through recently. I know these kinds of posts, helped me out a lot, so hopefully this will help you too.


First up is the usual application form. Contact details and history and stuff, and also a couple of long form questions. You’ll also need a cover letter. But nothing to worry about here really – you’ve probably done it a million times before.

Online Assessments

Next step is the online assessment tests. There are four tests here, and they’re all CEB SHL-style in case you want to get some practice in (which I highly recommend!).

The first three you’ll find in most application processes: numerical, verbal reasoning and logical reasoning.

The numerical test is 18 questions to complete in 25 minutes. You need to interpret and analyse data in tables and graphs, etc., and answer questions based on that.

Verbal reasoning is similar, but instead of charts and tables you have to interpret and analyse written information and question about 4 multiple choice questions for each bit of text you’re given.

The logical reasoning test takes 25 minutes, and you have 24 questions to answer. Think of an IQ test, or the 11+ - you’re dealing with abstract shapes and diagrams and trying to discern patterns, selecting the correct one that goes next in the sequence.

Finally, the checking test is one you might not be familiar with. Essentially, you have two minutes to make at least 32 comparisons between a string of numbers you’re given and another sheet of numbers. This test feels the most pressurised time-wise, so get some practice in to make sure you’re more comfortable.

Phone Interview

If you do well enough in the online tests, you’ll be invited for a phone interview. This lasted around 45 minutes, and I was asked fairly typical interview questions. So, I was asked about my CV, and asked questions like an example of a time I’ve shown leadership working in a team, whether I can explain a complex thing of my choosing as simply as possible, and a whole host of other things. Have examples in your mind ready to go, and be prepared for anything.

Assessment Centre

The final stage, if you pass the phone interview, is the assessment centre. This included two one-on-one interviews and a group exercise.

Split into groups of 6, we were given a budget and an acquisition case study. We had 30 minutes to decide how to allocate it. However, there was a twist when, about half way through, they came in and told us our budget had been slashed, so the last half was spent frantically figuring out what we could afford to drop. Afterwards, we had to present our findings as a group with a short Q&A afterwards.

The two interviews were similar, although one was more competency-based (like the phone interview, while the other more skills based.

They both took around an hour, so by the end it was pretty exhausting. For the competency-based one, prepare the same way you did for the phone interview – CV history, examples of reflecting good attributes and so on. For the skills-based interview, it depends on the specific role you’ve applied for – so work out what you’ll need to know and study hard.

And then… that’s all! It took a few weeks to hear back for me, so don’t panic if they don’t get in touch right away. It’s quite a long process in all, so be prepared.

Anyway, do give me a shout if you have any questions or if you want to share your own experiences!


how soon after you completed the numerical test did you have to do the verbal reasoning test?


I had my assessment centre with Morgan Stanley on 13th of December and it’s been two days and I haven’t heard back from them.Does that mean I am rejected?