Morgan Stanley - Anyone heard back?

Morgan Stanley

Hi everyone,

just a quick question to morgan stanley

i applied for an IBD full-time grad role about 2 weeks ago and status still says “application received”
wondering whether they review on a rolling basis or wait for the deadline first

Has anyone got through to the online testing yet?



I applied to PWM and nothing yet… Where do you see the status of your application? What is the address for applicant login? I can’t seem to find it.

Thank you


yes, that can be quite tricky

you need to click until you reach the careers page, then there is a small link “my account”, click on that, you should be asked to log in…
quite hidden and a lousy application system I must say :frowning:



Does any one have morgan stanleys email add for careers?



My status has progressed from “Appl received” >>> “Appl under review”

Guess they will wait till the deadline to give invites even for online tests


I’m in the same boat as you, hazelground. I applied on the 6th of October, and my application status is ‘received.’ I haven’t gotten any invites for MS online tests, although I was prompted to take the Credit Suisse tests, which I applied for at the same time.

I applied for IBD analyst



just got a rejection for feb start in i.t :((((((



Same here… just got rejection for the Feb start as well in operations
I read in an interview with MS head of EMEA recruitment that most of their Operations & IT grad full times will be filled this year by those who did an internship there.



Well then they sud not still accept applications sligthly unfair too be honest!

But nevamind!



hey guys, i am sorry to hear that…
it is unfair to let people apply just to reject them later.

any ideas or news about their intake for IBD, or should i also expect a rejection soon?



depends if interns have taken over LOL… just keep ur fingers X :slight_smile:



Iv been invited to a “test session” next week at Morgan Stanley.

I applied to the Operations Feb start programme.]

Anyone else going too?!


hey strat… are you going for the test sessions to their office in canary wharf…

i have been invited too next week… when is yours??


Strat and hardrock…Ive also been invited nxt week for Operations Feb start for nxt monday… You lot made progress with any other banks??
What would the accuracy test consist of btw?


yeh thats right, im going weds in Canary Wharf.

Hey Mts, as for others iv got final round at RBS, 2nd round at Standard Bank, probable assessment centre at Barcap, first round interview at RCM.

I didn’t have much luck with apps last year, but this year I seem to be nailing all of them!


hey mits, no great luck so far… had an assessment centre at jp… stil to hear,

anyways do any of u have an idea wats this Q&A session is about…

anyways hope to see u there.


hey hardrock
are you going for the test this week??I applied for the same role and received the email regarding to the telephone interview.
It’s quite strange!!do u have the tele interview with MS b4??


no i didnt… the first stage after the application is the aptitude tests in MS office…

anyways all the best fr ur telephonc interview!!


i’ve had 2 phone interviews with morgan stanley and have been invited to a technical face to face interview in a few week.s Still waiting to hear on the date.

Applied for Corporate Technology in Glasgow. It’s gonna be tough as only 3 roles are available for Aug 2010 start!


would u share your telephone interview question with me,please!I got one in next few days.
Is that 30 min competency based?
good luck