Morgan Stanley AC

Morgan Stanley

Hi!! I got an invitation to the assessment centre at Morgan Stanley without telephone interviews and test a priori…any thoughts???What to expect there???any suggestions n tips??



last week, i applied for an industrial placement in LONDON–> got rejected because it’s not for Master :frowning: --> one-day reply.

also, i applied for Full-time Analyst North America (Canada) last week—> No reply yet!!!

when and wat did u apply ?



I apllied for the summer internship to Private Wealth Management somewhen in october and received the answer roughly one month after that…I dont know!They seem to be very quick…


I read an article in The Gateway recently that may be relevant - it’s their ‘definitive’ guide on everything you should know before interviewing for investment banking - i found it pretty useful.

Goto and it’s the one called ‘The Gateway Guide to Investment Banking’.

Hope this helps.