Morgan Stanley AC and Offers

Morgan Stanley

Hi has any body heard back from the MS AC for summer S&T??

I had mine last week.


I had mine last week too and have yet to hear. It will be today or tomorrow.


What date was your AC?




Captain kirk any news?


None m8! Getting a bit worried now! lol


Today is the deadline and I know 2 others who were from the AC last week and havent heard so I would assume atm no news is good news


Kirk any news mate this getting ridiculous now


Yeah m8. Really pushing it!

I met a guy at the CS AC yesterday who had his MS AC on the 10th and he still hadn’t heard back!!!

I’m really tempted to tell them to stick up there arse tbh considering I got offers from ML and CS. I would rate MS above them two but I cant be asked with them if they’re gonna just mess around.



If I was you, as you have two offers dont wait around. Reading many forums everyone appears to be in this situation. They said latest wednesday and its now friday. So by the looks of it it isnt looking good or they are waiting to see if there is anyone better before they contact us.