Moore Stephens Application Form

Moore Stephens

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on filling out the supplemental questions portion of the form. you know, the part where you are asked things like “Why Moore Stephens”, “Why tax”, and all that. The section says to “State briefly…” but does not define what “briefly” means in terms of character or word count. If anyone has any advice, please i would really appreciate it.



Hi, I have applied for Moore Steophens Audit Services Group in London starting this October 2011, has anyone been to an assessment day there and if so, could you post me details about it? Having read the ac description for a 2009 ac day in london, I was wondering what changes MS have made and would really appreciate any new comments about ac, in particular what the team exercise, written exercise and interview consisted of?

Also, has any one else applied there for London and been successful?



hey yoruboy, im filling in an application form to moore stephens and was hoping you could help me answer the same question you posed. the form requires three reasons to join moore stephens’ business tax group… any ideas? :frowning: your help would be really appreciated!



Has anyone taken the financial reasoning test ? Inceptum, how did you prepare for the tests and how was it ? Thanks for your help !


I was in the exact situation as you (needed help) three weeks earlier.

FRT was very similar to the standard numerical test, in terms of the content. But, the layout is very different (include passages). I took FRT about two weeks ago and I prepared it by doing the standard numerical tests, it does help.

Tip: DON’T answer all the questions, pay attention to the accuracy (well if you are really good at maths, then of course you should). I left about 3 or 4 questions.

I am OK at maths, not super clever and I managed the pass the FRT and I am sure you will as well.


Thank you jab1991 ! Are you waiting for the assessment centre ? Good luck !