Moody's Analytics ERS Graduate Programme 2016

Moody's Analytics


Has anyone applied to this programme ? Let’s share our experience here. We will have to take tests in January.


Hi, I have been invited to take tests for this programme as well! Does anyone know what the additional SHL tests in February will consist of?


Anyone got invited to sit further SHL tests?


Nope, took the tests last week and quite confident to pass but haven’t heard back yet.


Same! It said on the email there will be further tests on 25th! That’s weird then:/


For me it says between the 30th of January and the 14th of February.


Hi guys, any updates? No further email at all after completing the verbal and numerical tests.


Yes, got an invitation to a phone interview scheduled in mid-Feb. Good luck everyone!


Hi just wonder if anyone got any email for the further detail of the interview, they said they will confirm this week but I got no email or call so far :confused: tks


Same here…


i emailed them but no reply at all…mind I ask if u know where to find the job description? I didn’t save and can’t find it on their website now…


Hey guys, does anyone have any idea what the AC is like for this role?