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Any news guys ? No news for me .


nothing, still waiting…


no news for me as well :frowning:


Nothing either still :(. Has anyone rang them? I have another offer on the table and need to Decide what I want to do. This is all so long and frustrating.


Guys, has anyone heard back so far?


Hey, no I have not heard anything from them. (Guys, please click reply on this above message not mine, to prevent formatting problem in this forum, thanks. Thread starter.)


Hey guys, I spoke to Angeline, Moody’s HR, on the phone and she said she has not heard from her colleagues who supposed to give a decision last week. It’s been postponed and she’s not sure when they will give it to her. Well, I guess it will be a long wait. Thread starter.


Hey, I did. Please check the message above.


Can I ask you what team you applied for?


oh man sounds like it will be a long wait indeed. Dont Know what i should Do - i Cant Keep stalling the other offer.


Hey, what other offer do you currently have? and when do you have to make a decision?


I applied for Risk Measurement and Modelling, how about yourself?


I applied for CA&O


I spoke to her today around 12pm. I agree it is too long. I applied to Moody’s in last mid November, I was invited to the telephone interview in February. More than a month later, I was then invited to the assessment day. So, my best guess that we would have to wait for 3-4 weeks after the assessment day in April. Hopefully, we should be able to hear from them by next week. By the way, congratulations for getting your IB’s offer!




Hi guys, any news lol ? My friends suggest I should move on. So frustrating .


Hey there, no news for me I’m afraid. Oh well.


No news for me as well :frowning:


I just got a call from Lucy - no offer for me but nevermind I had already accepted the other offer :). Good luck at Moody’s to all of you who are getting offers!


Same here, no offer :(… I got a call from Angeline and the feedback she gave me that the role is too technical for me and ERS application is extremely competitive. However, she’ll keep my CV into their file and she will contact me if any opportunity arises at Moody’s. Congratulations to those who are getting offers!