Moody's Analytics ERS Graduate Programme 2015

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Hi guys. Has anyone of you heard back from Moody’s ? I attended the afternoon session. There were 14 people.


Not yet mate. But it looks like someone already got a job offer on glassdoor so not too much hope!


I just checked the glassdoor. I think that guy should be applying for MI as his assessment day was in March and lasted a whole day.


Yeah I saw that one too. Don’t think it is the one we applied for because he also talks about writing an accounting test and a report at the assessment centre.


Yes probably not for ERS role. Anyway, no news means good news :() wait till next week then. Please update and have a nice weekend! GOOD LUCK GUYS!


Hey, I attended the afternoon session as well. I haven’t heard back from Moody’s yet. What role have you applied for?


Will do, good luck to you too and you, junglebongle!


Anyone here heard from Moody’s?


Hey, not yet.


No news for me as well. It takes longer than I expected. :frowning:


No rejection is still good news!! -__-


Haven’t heard anything either yet.


Hey guys. Have u guys got any news yet ? I havent heard anything for me.


Hey there, i Havent Received Any news either.


nah… :frowning:


has anyone heard from HR?


Nah. I dont know whether other guys have received any news . May be just u and me .


Are you saying you have heard from HR then? I haven’t heard anything still.


Not at all :frowning:


Same here…