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Hey everybody, has anyone applied to this programme? Please share your experience here. I had a telephone interview for Risk Measurement, Insurance and Modelling role in London last week. Interview’s pretty straightforward and most of questions were mainly competency based questions, no technical question though. I am still waiting to hear the outcome.



How long last your competency based interview ?
Did you have an invitation for the AC ?


Hi there, its 45 minutes and yes, I got an invitation for the AC on 7th April.


Hi there, telephone interview was pretty much as you described above. I too have an invitation for the assessment centre on 7th april.


Hey, congratulation! What role have you applied for?


I’m going for a role in credit assessment and origination. What about yourself?


Risk measurement and modelling. Do you have any idea what kind of testings they will have at the AC? Is it SHL administered?


According to the invite we’ll have to do the numerical, verbal and logical reasoning. I’m not sure who administers it- was going to ask you the same thing :P.


Oh I see… well, let’s hope testings go well tomorrow!


Hi there, How did you find it today?


Hi there, How did you find it today?


Hey there, it went well. I found all testings were easy but I ran out of time in verbal and numerical reasonings (I left three items unanswered, opps!). I was quite disappointed with the interview cos it was not very engaging and they did not ask many questions about myself or discuss about the role. All they asked were and walk me through your CV, what can you bring to Moody’s and question about your education and work experience etc. So how about yourself?


It was ok thanks. Testing wasn’t too bad - ran out of time for the verbal. I thought my interview was Ok and was pretty much like yours. The whole day was ok all in all. Which time did you attend?


I attended the afternoon session…


Ahh i See. I was in the Morning Session. When should we be hearing back You reckon? I thought She might have Said by next week but not sure. How Many people were there in the afternoon?


Well, they said we should be able to hear from them by the end of this week, but I think its probably next week. There were 12-15 of us I think and most of them applied for modelling role, and I know two people applied for credit assessment and origination, one person applied for stress testing. How about yourself? How many people were there and what role did they go for?


Ahh ok - I remembered sort of correctly then. Thanks! There were 11 people in the morning and 3 people (including me) were for CA&O, 1 or 2 for stress testing and the rest (which was the majority of people) were there for risk modeling. Was no one in the afternoon for insurance???


well, I am not sure cos I had a conversation with seven people.


Nice to meet you guys and good luck to everyone! I was in the morning section, anyboby already got an offer?


Hey, I was in morning session too - private message me. I’d like to know who you are!