Mondelez Phone Interview


Hi Guys

I’ve got a phone interview with Mondelez very soon. I was wondering if anyone’s had theirs yet

And just what to expect really



02piaja have you had yours? how was it?



Hi guys
The phone interview was fine they asked about 4-5 questions they were the standard why mondelez, why ur chosen scheme, a question on influence, a time u made something happen I think there was another but I can’t quite remember.
Hope this helps


That was really helpfull:) also were there any follow up questions or as soon as you answered the main question they went on with the next one?


I think with some if they need to they’ll ask you to eloborate. But there wasn’t really any follow up questions.


ifeajayi, was the interview u had was for a summer internship programme 2014? thanks :slight_smile: