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Anyone applied to the MUSI grad programme? Any feedback on telephone interview and AC? Pls can anyone share on what finance questions to expect in an IB telephone interview.

Thanks a bunch



Most likely they will answer the following questions:

Why, specifically do you want to work for MUSI?

Why did you apply to the specific division you chose and what would make you a good candidate for this area?

Tell me about a time when you improved a team you worked in or when you were a leader?

Give me three strengths and weaknesses you have?

How do you think MUSI can improve itself and grow?

The technical questions will relate to the specificare you are doing, such Bond/IR for Fixed Income.


Hi Conzerz,

thanks a million. Do happen to apply to MUSI as well, ve u gotten any feedback from them if u did? Thanka again


“Give me three strengths and weaknesses you have?”

What weaknesses should one talk about in a IB interview?


has anyone got an interview for the MUSI grad scheme yet?


has anyone got an interview for the MUSI grad scheme yet?


i got a mail saying that they are nearing the end of the screening process - when did they open the gradscheme apps? i only applied like a day or two ago… Just wandering if they’ve started giving interviews etc out…


I would say there is no point in starting the screening process before the deadline - March 30, in this case - is reached but I have heard this is quite common in Finance applications.

I have also received that e-mail message some hours ago. I guess we should expect to receive further information soon.


I guess everyone received that same email. If they are going to ask finance-related questions, it would seem like somebody from the business would conduct the telephone interviews or they have standardized questions for different groups, in which case HR would probably be ok with it


At this point, the interview is outsourced to wcn. I feel they re trying to shortlist for the AC next month


Thanks g-host, have you been through their recruitment process before or is this your first time?


My first. This is their first grad scheme



Did you get a phone interview then?


or just the generic mail that everyone received about - “we are soon to be completing the screening and preparation tips etc…”


the generic email. Felt it would be great if we can share our idea and experiences as the email says we should start preparing for the interview. Want those who ve had IB interview experiences with other banks to share with others that are yet to have


i’ve had some ib interviews -

They’re all over the place though (at least in my experience).

Starting from some just [purely competency - why this? why that types…?

To other really hardcore theoretical ones, “What is the delta profile of a down and in barrier put option…”

Its quite hard to pin point so I guess we should prepare for everything…

Up to a certain extent I think most of the time you can also guide the interview as well…I mean that you can kind of give it the direction, so if you’re strong on theory then I guess you should get into that rather than go down the competency route…


@ Darko

is it ok to share of those likely finance questions with those of us that are yet to ve an IB interview experience? it ll come useful


well, I’m not sure whether you can prepare for all the exotics stuff, but you should know all your options and the strategies, from vanilla to combinations to spreads, just the basics (payoffs, etc) and know what the greeks are as they’re relevant to pretty much every option for any underlying asset.


yep agree with axelone…

I think i got a bit unlucky with the exotics one…

I think u should also have a good idea about the market in general…

where its headed, price of oil, where its going, relationships between oil gold and dollar…obviously greece and the crappy EU are also big things to know at the moment…


thanks axelone and darko, that’s quite insightful