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Don’t know what section of forum this should be posted under since they are such a diverse company but has anyone applied for the graduate leadership programme in the past or this years one?


I’ve applied for this year’s scheme and am going for an assessment centre next week. Have you had any luck?


Hi mate,

My girlfriend talked me out of applying since I live in Scotland and the scheme would be South East England. I was also being naive thinking that the various Scottish graduate schemes I applied for I would get a job out of one of them but so far been unsuccessful. A bit annoyed I didnt do this application…

I wish you all the best though. I went for an assessment centre with another company and thought it went well but didn’t get put through to the next stage so the only piece of advice I could give you for it (not knowing what is involved) is to structure your time in the exercises and make sure you read all the info correctly. Obviously you will know to listen to team members and give input where its due.

Good luck once again!


Thanks very much for your suggestions. Fingers crossed this goes well! I’ve been unsuccessful so far too, but there are jobs out there, so keep looking. I’ll give some feedback here after the assessment centre to say how it went and what was involved etc, in case anyone else is thinking of applying. I’m a bit surprised how few people are on this forum!


Yes please post what happened at the assessment day as I may apply for next years graduate intake.

If this forum had more members on it would certainly help us out alot more!

All the best!


Hey, I’ve applied for this year’s scheme as well. Got invited to an assessment centre this week on Thursday. Have you had yours yet? If not, when is it?

This is the first assessment centre I’ve been invited to so far. Not had much luck with job applications recently…

Haven’t really been told much about the assessment centre either. I asked them if they could describe some of the assessments that would be carried out throughout the day and they just told me group, individual and interview, so I’m finding it quite difficult to prepare for it!



Assessment centre went well. There’s a lot of competition for the positions (849 applicants for 5 places), but the HR team were very friendly and put everyone at ease.
The day consisted of the usual couple of group exercises, along with a couple of individual exercises including a presentation (5 minutes). We also had individual interviews. The assessment was a full day, from around 9 to 5, and was held at the Cotswolds Conference Centre.


849 for 5 positions!! That’s like 170 for one position! That’s just crazy and shows you how dire a situation it is for a graduate. All I can say is I hope you get it. If you did then it would be amazing reflecting back on how you got the job later on in life! But dont worry if you don’t. I got rejected but still trying and confident that I will get something eventually!


Hi guys,

Does anyone have any information or advice on what questions might be asked for a MITIE telephone interview??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Sorry, only just seen this, hope it went well! Have you heard anything back from them yet? I was told a week, a week and a half ago… xx


Sorry, only just seen this, hope it went well! Have you heard anything back from them yet? I was told a week, a week and a half ago… xx


anyone have any tips for the mite assessment centre? x