Missing out an AS Level on the app form


I’ve been offered several graduate positions this summer with the Big 4. On all of these apps, I missed out an AS Level (an E). How would this be taken by HR when/if it appears on my background check. Will my offer be reneged? Or should I ride it out hoping they don’t find out. HR has already seen my A Level certificates (I didn’t show them my certificate for this particular AS Level as I don’t have it).


I would forget it. Have you accepted an offer yet? And have you signed all the professional clearance, independence etc forms and authorisation to carry out background checks?If they’ve seen your certs they may not be looking anymore at A levels just all the other checks.
PwC don’t ask for A level or Uni certs now (someone, am I correct?) because all the academic results can be checked by the vetting agency.
Deloittes still ask you to take all your certs along to photo copy /check at interview so why would they re-check?


I am going through background checks with PWC and like you, realised that i had left an AS off my application. I actually raised this issue with the partner in the interview at the end… and he laughed at me and told me it wasnt important. I think given the economy is in recovery (i.e they are not looking for an excuse to let people go) and the error does not conflict with the entry requirements/ fundamentally change your application you will be fine. Wikijob is amazing for application and interview advice… but sometimes peoples comments, i.e. regarding failing pre employment checks, seemed to be exaggerated. Congrats on your offer


Hi Guys

I have recently submitted my resume for the role of Audit Technician on the jobsite-this position was handled by coburgbank (prefered) agency for BDO. The very next day I got a e-mail back from one of the representative at coburgebanks saying that I have been selected for next stage which is to complete an on-line application. I like to tell you that I have science background (biochemistry) and BTEC science but no good GCSE’s; for the past five years I have been working for a pharmaceutical company in their accounts department mainly doing data entry and generating invioces using Sage, liaising with suppliers to submit invoices near close of accounts and other general administrative roles such as filing, franking mails etc. They ask on the application form that I need to list my school and qualifications, I have good BTEC 1st Science (GCSE equivalent) and BTEC National (A-Level equivalent) studied at college. I want to know whether I include my btec as it had unit in Maths and English or do I need to have my GCSE’s as the mandatory requirement for this position. Also do I need to include my degree by adding more qualifications. Prior to working at account department I had held laboratory/clerical positions at hospitals, so will this be a problem for this transition on a audit role. Although, I do not have much experience in finance, I have enjoyed working in finance and currently embarked on an ACCA course to develop further in accountancy. Finally I registered and logged onto the application form, I found that under career motivations I need to answer some questions which I would appreciate if someone can help me with:

Why do you want to join BDO?
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It is important that our people are able to work as part of a team. Use this space to provide an example of how you have worked as part of a team and what skills and experiences you achieved through doing this.
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Tell us about a time when you have either delivered or received excellent client service, what made this exceptional and what did you learn from it?
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