has anyone had an interview with the actuarial consultancy Milliman? any idea abt the recruitment process?


I received a phone call last week, and now have a scheduled phone interview for tomorrow. There was an application form to fill in and send off, then phone interview and then assessment day.


thanks plummie!
good luck for tomorrow! do u hav any idea wt its gonna be like? wud u mind sharing aftr ur interview tomorrow?


The interview itself was very easy, they asked why I wanted to be an actuary, why I applied to Milliman and why I would suit working at Milliman. Its the easiest phone interview I’ve had but I don’t think I’ll get through because I got too nervous waiting for it and it was over before I managed to relax.
Good luck if you get through.


Thanks alot for sharing!!! i did expect these kinda questions as the lady said it would only be for 10-15 mins…just wasnt sure if it included any STAR type questions… have mine this week!


just had my interview…same questions as above! i think it went ok…plummie u heard back from them yet?


No not yet, they said by January but I’m pretty set on my failure anyway. Let me know when you find out though. Good luck


My questions were different except for the why the actuary and mine lasted just under 30 minutes.


anyone invited to the assessment centre?
thanks to plummie, i got through the phone interview! if anyone has attended their AC this year or last, please share…thanks


Hey, I got through too but my assessment isn’t for another three weeks. Would be great if anyone has advice they can share as this is my first (and only atm) A/C. Thanks


thats great! i’m attending the AC on the 27th, guess i’l see you there!
i received an email from them saying that there will be a number of selection exercises but nothing regarding the contents of the day! nt sure wt to expect :S


Hey guys,

I’m curious to know if any of you got through to the AC’s or received job offers? I’ve got a telephone interview for Milliman this week… Just wondering if I could get any tips?

I recently had my first telephone interview for an insurance company’s actuarial grad programme and was unsuccessful (it was my first telephone interview and they were “unable to provide feedback”). It’s a steep learning curve for me at the moment so any help would be appreciated.



Hi TKA29,

When is your telephone interview this week? I have mine too this week.

good luck.


Hey Apple123,

Mine is on Wednesday afternoon. When’s yours? Have you had many telephone interviews already? I’ll probably just prepare for the general motivation and competency questions including the ones stated above…

Thanks, good luck to you too.



Mine is on Friday. No it will be the first telephone interview.
Yes definitely, that’ll be a good idea. Do you know how long the interview will be?
What was your first telephone interview like? Could you share with me please?


I’m not sure how long the telephone interview will be but I’m assuming it will be no longer than 30 minutes.

My first telephone interview was with insurance company Catlin. It was for their actuarial graduate programme. The telephone interview was split into two parts, motivation questions and competency questions. The questions were something like this;


  1. What do you know about Catlin in the broad sense – what do we do?
  2. What do you know about our history and geography?
  3. Why do you want to join Catlin?
  4. Why do you specifically want to join the graduate programme - why did you apply to the actuarial scheme?


  1. Can you describe a time when you influenced someone on an important matter?

  2. Can you describe a difficult goal you have set yourself which you subsequently achieved?

  3. Can you describe a time when you made a bad decision?

  4. Any questions of my own

I was well prepared for the questions, but I got quite nervous so didn’t structure my answers very well. I think that’s why I was unsuccessful but like I said they were unable to give me any feedback. I’ll let you know how mine goes tomorrow.


Thank you. All the best with the interview today. Hope it goes well.


Hey guys,

I also have a phone interview tomorrow. How did your phone interview go TKA29?


Hey guys, had the telephone interview today… I don’t think it went too well because I got super nervous! But it was pretty straight forward, they asked 3 questions;

  1. Why do you want to be an actuary?
  2. What makes Milliman different from its competitors?
  3. Why would Milliman be a good fit for you?

Hope this helps


Oh and it was over in 15 minutes, very quick