Mid Tier -> EY



I am due to start at a mid-tier firm in January 2017 in audit but have been offered the same role at EY to start September 2017. I have sorted out accommodation in London so will be moving there in a few weeks and obviously need a job.

The plan at the moment is to work at the mid-tier firm for 6/7 months then move to EY (ICAS not ICAEW). How much will I beg charged for cancelling my training contract and is it all worth it?



Hi there,

I see by the dates you may have already started at the mid-tier firm but if you haven’t I would probably advise not to! It could be expensive… you would have to pay back the mid-tier firm for any exams taken in that period as well as any classes you attend. Plus you will no doubt be repeating all of this with EY 6 months later.
I would do some contracting/ temp work for 6 months and then start a fresh at EY if you haven’t already!

Good luck!