Mid stage qualifications


I have posted elsewhere that as a PQI think it is becoming more difficult to find work, either temporary or full time, using agencies. With qualifieds not finding work so easy to come by they are entering the field of the PQ and seem to get preference from agencies.

This has made me think about whether I could obtain some final qualification in a fairly short period of time.

I have looked at the Chartered Accountants and the Certified Accountants websites and it seems that they offer a qualification, which later can be used to gain exemptions, as a means of showing that you have studied and that you have some professional training. Whilst in some ways it may be better to resume my Certified studies, I am thinking that this may be a good step. It will then allow me to show employers that I have current knowledge.

Has anybody walked this path and if so to what effect?


Hi David
I personally have not actually followed that path but one of niece’s has done so. She looked ICAEW site and chose the follow the course that they offer CFAB. This the following:

Business and Finance
Management Information
Accounting (Mandatory)
Principles of Taxation

This set her up well for moving on to ACA studies and was well received by a number of second tier partnerships. She did not want to be with one of the large partnerships (personal choice) so has ended up with a 50 partner firm. She actually had 5 offers of a training contract as they all could see that she was already of the mentality that would allow her to fit in quickly.
In discussion with her she said this type of start was invaluable to her as it was a confidence builder for the ‘real thing’.
So far she has been in the training contract for 2 years and appears to be a better student than me as she has had all first time passes.
Th impression I have is that this "nursery courses’ are immensely valuable.


Interesting to hear about these ‘nursery course’ as I too think they have immense value. I am a partner in a practice with 60 partners and thus as you can imagine we have a number of applicants each year for training contracts. We have a small intake each year, as although we are authorised to train we have from past experience just not seen any great value to this. As a company we do agree that each partnership or LLP should be checked to see if they have the correct facilities to train and thus the student can be reassured in that area. The issue is that we cannot see the value in the training contract and know that it has deterred many form qualifying. The new lower level courses are great for NQ’s. PQ’s and QBE’s as they give grounding and the student can leave it there if they choose. We have a number of NQ’s who we have now persuaded to look at the likes of CFAB and both parties are getting a return.
The NQ’s and PQ’s in our partnership are absolutely invaluable to us and we ensure they are properly remunerated. There is a snobbery to some quals who will not undertake the groundwork and they lose out by not doing this, so lets not undervalue the PQ and NQ fields.